“Some mysteries can only be guessed by men,
which age by age they may solve only in parts” _Bram Stoker

Since the world has begun, we have been surrounded by many mysteries. The scientists solve some of them, but others remained unsolved. Earth never fails to amaze us with mysteries. It is assumed that science can explain everything that takes place on this planet, but few things are still a mystery and not even decipher by science.

  • What exactly is the secret behind these places??
  • Why are scientists unable to find the culprits of all the weird happenings in these places??
  • Why Science fails to solve these mysteries??

No one knows the answers to these questions still.
These places are kind of heaven for adventure lovers, but our “ADVICE” is that Better Stay Away From These Places.

  1. Bermuda Triangle
  2. Door to Hell
  3. Blood Falls
  4. Cano Cristales
  5. Dumas Beach


The world’s most famous mystery is the Bermuda triangle also known as Devil’s Triangle. It is a large area in the ocean forming a triangle zone between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. This place is related to the unexplained disappearances of flying planes, sailing ships and humans as well in this area.


Antarctica, the coldest place on this planet is not only covered with snow but has a waterfall of blood red color falling from white snowcapped glaciers. That waterfall is named as blood fall because that seems like blood flowing from snow. According to some people, this red color is due to iron oxide, but some believe that red algae are the reason behind it.


The world’s most beautiful river Cano Cristales is a magical fast flowing river of five colors located in Colombia. It seems like an ordinary river but only transforms into a vibrant rainbow colored river during the rainy season. This river has no wildlife because of the absence of nutrients required for survival of fauna.


Considered as the most mysterious and haunted place of India, Dumas beach is in Gujarat. During day time this beach is like any other beach, but after sunset, it turns in to haunted devil’s paradise. Different paranormal activities are experienced here. This beach is also famous for its dark black sand.


These are not the waves formed in a sea, rather they are waves like shape form by the rocks. A natural U shaped intersecting rock formations found on the borders of Arizona and Utah are named as waves. The best way to explore this natural wonder is hiking and trekking.


An entrance to hell may sound like a horror film, but it is an opened blazing crater continuously burning for more than 40 years in the desert of Turkmenistan. It burns with no smoke.


The dead sea is not a sea; It is a salt lake. It is present at the Earth’s lowest surface, 1300 feet below sea level. Survival of any creature is not possible because of the presence of an extreme level of salt in water.


These are Some Of The Most Mysterious Places In The World, and You should avoid these places when you visit these countries.

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