JSC Result 2020 with Marksheet – JSC Exam Result 2020

JSC Result 2019 with marksheet

This year, the Junior School Certificate (JSC) and the equivalent Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) result will be published on 30 December 2020 according to the Educationboardresults.gov.bd official website. Here is the result getting process much more information about JSC & JDC Exam Result 2020. Every JSC & JDC Examine can collection their Result from this page by their Roll Number and Registration Number.

Do you want to check the JSC Education Board Result 2020? So you are the right place for you. The reason I am going to share the JSC result in 2020. But with the help of the internet way, you can quickly and safely be getting your JSC & JDC Education Board results in 2020. However, you can use the website and mobile app or the SMS system to get the results.

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JSC Result 2020 Education Board

JSC & JDC Examinations are authorized by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Board. More than 24 lakh students seat for this examination from all over the country. In this year’s the number of JSC & JDC examinees is 1,967,447. Of them, 914,900 are male while 1,052,547 female. And a total of 358,486 examinees participate in the JDC examination, among them 167,770 are males and 190,716 females students. Besides, a total of 585 students from 8 overseas centers attend the JSC examinations in Bangladesh.

JSC Education Board Result 2019

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JSC Result 2020 Education Board Publish date

In point of fact, this year JSC & JDC exam was started to get on 01 April to 02 November 2020 of all education boards in Bangladesh. Total ten (10) educations Board Participate writing in the exam. There are Eight (8) general education boards of Bangladesh and one is the Madrasah Education Board of Bangladesh.

JSC Result 2019 Publish date

[su_box title=”Publish Date” style=”default” box_color=”#669900″ title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”3″]

Exam Name: Junior School Certificate (JSC)
Exam Start Date: 02 November 2020
Exam End Date:  15 November 2020
JSC Result Publish Date: 31 December 2020 (Mostly)


JSC Result Previous Year Statistics Database

Most of the time, JSC exam results are also published during the last week of December. For example, the JSC Exam Result of 2020 was published below.

  • JSC Results 2014: 28 December
  • JSC Result 2015: 29 December
  • JSC Results 2016: 28 December
  • JSC Result 2017: 30 December
  • JSC Results 2018: 24 December
  • JSC Results 2019: 31 December

JSC All Subject code 2020

[su_box title=”Subject code” style=”default” box_color=”#3be863″ title_color=”#2F614B” radius=”3″]

Subjects of JSC Exam JSC Subject Code
Bangla 1st Paper  101
Bangla 2nd Paper  102
English 1st Paper 107
English 2nd Paper 108
Information & Comm Technology 154
Mathematics  109
Islam Religion & Moral Studies 111
Buddha Religion & Moral Studies 113
Hindu Religion & Moral Studies 112
Home Science 151
Home Economics 129
Christian Religion & Moral Studies 114
Physical Studies & Health 147
Bangladesh & Global Studies 150
Science 127
Kormo & Jibonmukhi Shikkha 155
Krishi Shikkha 134
Arabic 121
Pali 124
Sanskrit 123
Charu & Karukola 148


How to Check the JSC Exam Result 2020?

JSC Education Board Result 2020 Getting Process system given below.

1. Firstly open internet any browser
2. Then Visit on Official website: www.educationboardsresults.gov.bd
3. Alternative Website: Ejobs Circular Today
4. Then Click “SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result
5. Chose the “JSC/Dakhil/Equivalent” from “Examination” option button
6. Select the “Year”
7. Select “Education Board”
8. Chose the “Individual Result” in the “Type Result” option
9. Type “Roll Number”
10. Input the correct “Security CAPTCHA Code Correctly”
11. Finally, click on the “Getting Result” Submit option button.

That’s it. Then complete the task above, you can get your results very soon.

JSC Education Board Result 2020 By SMS

JSC Result 2019 By SMS

If you want to check your result via SMS you will need to send a simple SMS from your phone. Simply go to the mobile message option. Go to message option and write JSC< Space>Board

Name<Space>Roll<Space>Exam Year. Then finally send the message to 16222 and get your result in a moment.

Here JSC means exam name then DHA means the first three letters of Bangladesh Education Board, a Roll number is 12345678 and 2020 is the Exam year.

Example: [su_highlight background=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]JSC DHA 12345678 2020[/su_highlight]

Finally, send the SMS to 16222 from any Bangladesh SIM operator.

JSC <space>First Three Letters of Board Name<space>Roll No<space>year and send it to 16222

Example: [su_highlight background=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]JSC DHA 123678 2020[/su_highlight]

SMS Process for General Education Boards to Get JSC Results 2020

Step-1: Go to your phone message option.
Step-2: Type JSC (space) 1st Three letters of Board Name (space) Roll (space) Year
Step-3: Send the SMS to 16222

Example: [su_highlight background=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]JSC DHA 1234687 2020 and send to 16222[/su_highlight]

SMS Process for Madrasah Education Board to Get JSC Results 2020

Step-1: Open message part of your mobile phone
Step-2: Type JDC (space) MAD (space) Roll (space) Year
Step-3: Finally send the SMS to 16222

Example: [su_highlight background=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]JDC MAD 1245876 2020 and send it to 16222[/su_highlight]

JSC Exam Result 2020 Mobile App

You can download the JSC  Result by Android Mobile Apps. Recently Many Android Apps publish JSC Result. So if you want to Download easily you can install an Android Apps Form Google Play store. Recent Android Apps are the most popular for internet use. Smartphone users use the Android App to do work fast. So, the Mobile Apps of Result will also provide the Result faster. Anyone can install the Android App on their Smartphone.

If you have installed the app successfully on your Android Smartphone. We recommend you to use it. It will help you with checking the result quickly. No Charge is available for the app. It is fully free. So, wait until publishing the JSC Result officially. If the result has published, you can open the Android App to check JSC Result 2020.

JSC Grading System 2020

The Board of Education in Bangladesh publishes the results as GPA (average grade point) which depends on the average GPA (grade point) of each subject. If you look well in the picture below, you will understand. The results of all public examinations in Bangladesh are published in this manner.

[su_box title=”Mark Grading Point” style=”default” box_color=”#F73F43″ title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”0″]

 Marks Range Grade Points Letter Grade
 80 to 100 Marks 5.0 A+
 70 to 79 Marks 4.00 A
 60 to 69 Marks 3.50 A-
 50 to 59 Marks 3.00 B
 40 to 49 Marks 2.00 C
 33 to 39 marks 1.00 D
 0 to 39 marks 0.00 F


Grading Point Average  System:

The total CGPA will count for making a GPA. We are giving now an Example. Imagine, you have got the Marks Grade/GPA on the JSC Exam result. Below is the average system of grading points.

[su_box title=”Your Total Grading Point Average (GPA)” style=”default” box_color=”#009999″ title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”0″]

 Subject Name Point  Grade
 BANGLA 5.00 A+
 ICT 5.00 A+


Your Total Grading Point Average (GPA) will be = 5.00 + 4.00 + 5.00 + 5.00 + 4.00 + 4.00 + 5.00 = 32.00; so, your CGPA is 32.00/7 = 4.57.

JSC Result 2020: educationboardresults.gov.bd

[su_box title=”Education Board All Short Code” style=”default” box_color=”#00800F” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”3″]

 Education Board Name First Three Letters
 Dhaka Board DHA
 Dinajpur Board DIN
 Chittagong Board CHI
 Comilla Board COM
 Barisal Board BAR
 Rajshahi Board RAJ
 Jessore Board JES
 Sylhet Board SYL
 Madrasah  Board MAD
 Technical Board TEC


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All Education Boards and Their Website Address list:

All Education Board publish their Same time. JSC Result 2020 will publish the education Board All students will found their JSC and JDC Result from the official website. This below all education Board website address list.

[su_box title=”Website Address list” style=”default” box_color=”#FF685D” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”3″]

 Education Boards Website Address
 Dhaka Education Board dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd
 Dinajpur Education Board dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd
 Barisal Education Board barisalboard.gov.bd
 Rajshahi Education Board rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd
 Jessore Education Board jessoreboard.gov.bd
 Chittagong Education Board bise-ctg.portal.gov.bd
 Comilla Education Board comillaboard.gov.bd
 Sylhet Education Board sylhetboard.gov.bd
 Mymensingh Education Board mymensingheducationboard.gov.bd
 Technical Education Board bteb.gov.bd
 Madrasah Education Board bmeb.gov.bd


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We hope you successfully understood and gain your JSC Result 2020 content. Thanks for visiting our website Ejobs Circular Today. If you have any question or you face any problem to get your JSC result, so contact with us Via comment box below. Good luck.

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