MOST BEAUTIFUL COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD – Beauty is present everywhere as it is rightly said “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” Our world is like a Pandora box full of surprises. More you explore it more you will be amazed by mother-nature. Once in a lifetime, you should discover the secrets of this universe.

Your heart will fill with joy to see the stunning and marvelous creations of our nature. Every country is unique having its charm and beauty that are distinguished from one another.
Here is the list of the top 15 most beautiful countries in the world ranked in the year 2019:

  1. Scotland
  2. Canada
  3. New Zealand
  4. Italy home to
  5. South Africa
  6. Indonesia
  7. England
  8. Iceland
  9. USA
  10. Wales
  11. Slovenia
  12. Mexico
  13. India
  14. Finland
  15. Switzerland


Heaven on Earth, Rank 15 is awarded to Switzerland which is a landlocked country with dramatic landscapes such as sparkling blue lakes, Alps, giant glaciers, ravishing hamlets.


Crystal clear lakes, mesmerizing archipelagos, wildlife dominate the beauty of Finland placing this country on 14th position.


In the list, India occupied 13th spot. This country is a land of rich culture and architecture, lively cities, grand palaces, glorious mountains, and beaches.


Land of vibrant colors, Mexico is placed at 12th position. It is a diverse country with ancient pyramids, remote deserts, fabulous beaches, and jungles.


Ranked 11, Slovenia, Earth’s paradise is the world’s first green destination having snow-capped mountains, turquoise-green rivers, picturesque beaches.


Unsurprisingly, Wales is at number 10 position. A dreamy country with heavenly landscapes, majestic castles and beautiful towns along the coasts is Wales in United Kingdom (UK).
Ranked number 9 is the epitome beauty of the United States of America. It is a very vast country composed of 50 states. Home to natural and human-made beauty.


At number 8, Iceland is placed. This county is exceptional as it is a land of both ice and fire. It has many active volcanoes, massive glaciers, beaches with black sand and picturesque villages.


The country that ranks 7 in the list of most beautiful countries in the world is England. From lush green forests to hills, gorgeous lakes to picturesque coastlines it has everything.


Indonesia ranks number 6. It is a land of breathtaking natural beauty having huge mountains, volcanoes, green forests, and amazing beaches.


South Africa holds a 5th position among the world’s most beautiful counties. It portrays the true beauty in every sense and leads in diversity.


Nature’s masterpiece, Italy is at the 4th place in the list. Snowcapped mountains, green lands, magnificent coasts, alpine lakes, heritage are few wonders of nature in this country.


New Zealand, the surreal beauty ranks at number 3. It is packed with natural treasures such as rain forests, peaks covered with snow, glaciers, fjords creating breathtaking scenery.


Canada holds the 2nd position in the list. The characteristics that differentiate the beauty of Canada from others are glorious mountains, forests, eye-catching coastline, vast pastures, and Arctic tundra.


Undoubtedly Scotland secured the number 1 position in this list because of its lively beaches, deep lakes, and romantic giant castles.

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