10 MOST BEAUTIFUL CAPITAL CITIES IN THE WORLD 2019– The world is very large with an abundance of hidden and visible surprises of nature. Our world is composed of 7 continents which are split up into countries. These countries are further divided into cities. Every country has its capitals. Capital is the seat of government and administration of any state. Mostly capitals are made in the center of a country, but it is not always necessary.
Here is the list of top ten most beautiful capital cities in the world you might even fall in love with these if you already have not

1. London
2. Islamabad
3. Berlin
4. Washington
5. Paris
6. Rome
7. Tokyo
8. Budapest
9. Ottawa
10. Moscow


The city of Kings and Queens, London, is the capital of England and the United Kingdom (UK). It is ranked 1st among ten beautiful capital cities in the world. It has many ancient buildings and places, the best arts, and architecture.


Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and occupies number 2 place in this list. It is a human-made very well planned city. This city is mainly famous for serene beauty, peace, greenery, and tidiness.


The 3rd most beautiful capital in the world is Berlin. It is the largest city and capital of Germany. This city is the most diverse, rich in culture, has fantastic museums, ideal technology, and spectacular landscapes.


The capital of one of the most powerful countries, the United States of America is Washington. It is full of beauty, famous landmarks, skyscrapers, epitome monuments, and magical charm. It holds the 4th spot.


“City of Love” undoubtedly Paris, capital of France, is on the 5th position in the list. It is not only famous all around the world for its picturesque beauty but also for its impressive monuments, astonishing arts, and deep history.


The capital city of Italy is Rome which is placed on the 6th position. It is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world. The monuments and preserved ruins are dated back to the time of the Roman Empire.


Holding 7th place, Tokyo is the busy capital of Japan. It is a perfect blend of modern and old buildings. Apart from natural beauty, it is famous for its rich history, culture, and great advancement in the technology field.


Securing number 8 in the list, Budapest, an enchanting city is the capital and densely populated city of Hungary. It has breathtaking sites and surroundings, great architecture, culture, and nightlife.


Claiming number 9th rank, being the capital of Canada, Ottawa is a very magnificent city with eye-catching scenery, the most significant green belt parks than any of the city in the world, ancient civilizations.


Last but not the least in the list of most beautiful cities in the world is Moscow, the capital and metropolis of Russia. It is the home to many billionaires, jaw-dropping art and architecture, skyscrapers, and rich history.

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